A Conversation with Joy Slabaugh-Hamilton of Vanguard Financial Advisor Services™

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“One of the Challenges We Have in a Big Corporation Is: Deep Pockets.”

The Resonance Test 15: Joy Slabaugh-Hamilton

October 3, 2017
by Toby BottorfKen Gordon

How can a gargantuan company force itself to act as scrappy and fast as a startup? In this episode of The Resonance Test, we learn how one of our own clients has managed this—very difficult—feat. Listen as Joy Slabaugh-Hamilton, Head of Service Development within Vanguard Financial Advisor Services™, talks with Toby Bottorf, Continuum’s VP of Service and Experience Design. In the course of their dialogue, you’ll hear Slabaugh-Hamilton say such things as:

• “One of the challenges we have in a big corporation is: deep pockets. You’re not forced to find the skinny, lean, cheap, alternative because there are funds available.”

• “Sometimes you just need an outside person to say it. To point out the emperor is… robe-less.”

• “Sometimes in business, it can be hard to accept and understand that there’s rich insights that come out of talking deeply with a few people—a population that is not statistically significant.”

• “If you can just get one person willing to be willing try something… that demonstration can get help other people change their way of thinking, be a little bit more open-minded and consider other possibilities.”

Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 15: Joy Slabaugh-Hamilton
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