About Us

About Us

Continuum is a global innovation design firm. Our work is informed by the needs, desires, and aspirations of people: customers, patients, citizens, and those who make our client organizations work.

We bring to every project a global perspective, with world-class capabilities and local sensibilities. Continuum operates with a collective purpose of making a difference—in people’s lives and in our clients’ bottom line.

  • The Future. Made Real.™

    We innovate with, not at, our clients. We take your business today to where you want to be in the future. Join us.

    FPO About Us: Future: City Landscape
    Our future is still about "doing well by doing good," but as the world grows continually more complex, our capabilities keep evolving. As we mature, the people and industries we serve, and the problems we address, expand. We embrace the next "What if..." and relish the challenges it engenders.
    FPO About Us: Future: One Laptop per Child Project
    Continuum started with the revolutionary notion that innovation could arise from a concern for human beings. We believed it wasn’t only the domain of science and technology, but could be found by crossing boundaries. Disciplinary boundaries. We sought to "do well by doing good."
  • Our Founder: Gianfranco Zaccai

    Our Founder: Gianfranco Zaccai
    Our Founder

    Gianfranco is known for championing a holistic and highly integrated approach to innovation research, design, and development. His vision has resulted in highly successful category-defining products including the Reebok Pump and P&G’s Swiffer. Continuum’s long-term strategic partnership with the Herman Miller Company has focused on developing innovations in healthcare.

    Gianfranco has lectured at MIT, Harvard Business School, the Politecnico di Milano, the Australian Academy of Design, and the Tamasek Polytechnic in Singapore. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Design Management Institute.

    Gianfranco holds degrees in industrial design from Syracuse University and architecture from the Boston Architectural College. In 2007, he was awarded an honorary doctor of arts degree from North Carolina State University. In 2009, he received an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from Syracuse.

  • Global Team

    • Campbell Jon
      Jon Campbell
      Head of Experience & Service Design

      Jon helps organizations become customer-centered and develop their internal capability for repeatedly creating, launching, and scaling new offerings and compelling customer experiences.

      Prior to EPAM Continuum, Jon served as Manager, Prospect Marketing, at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., overseeing lead generation, lead nurturing, and interactive programs focused on the acquisition of new customers and development of compelling customer journeys. He also spent time at ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, working on brand strategy, marketing communications, and new product development.

      Jon holds a master of design methods degree from Chicago’s Institute of Design (IIT) and a BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin.

    • Michaud Chris
      Chris Michaud
      Head of EPAM Continuum

      Chris leads EPAM Continuum, focusing externally on how the world, the market, and our clients’ needs are evolving. He collaborates closely with clients to devise a plan for how human-centered design and innovation can help them succeed. Bringing a keen understanding of the challenges businesses face, he’s focused on bridging the innovation gap between business strategy and stunning design execution.

      With more than 10 years at EPAM Continuum, Chris has collaborated with industry-leading clients including American Express, Covidien, Intercontential, Ford, L.L. Bean, Nestle, P&G, Samsung, and Unilever.

      Prior to joining EPAM Continuum, Chris worked at GE, where he completed their Technical Leadership Program. Chris holds a degree with high distinction in chemical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    • Reavey Heather
      Heather Reavey
      Head of Practice Innovation

      Heather thinks about where innovation is going and shapes EPAM Continuum’s people, practices, and processes to be there first.

      She has dedicated her career to innovation—doing it, leading it, and teaching it. She began as an envisioner, focused on designing human-centered strategies and demystifying complexity through storytelling that helps catalyze organizations to take action. Over her 16 year career, Heather has led teams and helped launch game-changing ideas and strategies for Procter & Gamble, Insulet, American Express, United Healthcare, and BBVA.

      She has taught strategy and design at Syracuse University, Harvard Business School, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

  • Accolades

    We innovate with, not at, our clients. We take your business today to where you want to be in the future. Join us.

    Lifetime Awards

    We measure success not by awards in and of themselves, but as validation of the clients and people we have helped though our work.

    Continuum has garnered more than 200 awards for outstanding innovation and design.


    Continuum has more than 330 design and utility patents.

    • Product Design Awards
    • Social Good Awards
      • Edison Green Award
        Project: Preserve
      • Green Dot Award
        Solay Running Shoe
      • Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards Finalist
        Project: CGAP
      • Ad Club Non-Event Awards
        Design Museum Boston, 826 Boston
      • Good Design Green Award
        AllSteel Inspire Chair
      • IDEA Responsibility Award
        Daktari – Medical and Scientific Products, Preserve Mail-Back Pack – Packaging & Graphics
    • Medical Design Awards
      • 8 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA)
        Avedro; Herman Miller Compass System; Mindray
      • Stanley H. Caplan User-Centered Product Design Award
        Mindray V Series
      • ADI Compasso D'Oro for Instrument Design
        Automated Coagulation Laboratory - Instrumentation Laboratory, Galileo Ventilator - Hamilton Medical AG
      • R&D 100 Award - R&D Magazine
        GeneChip Scanner 3000 - Affymetrix: Lifescience Category
    • Innovation Awards
      • 5 Consumer Electronics (CES) Innovation Awards
    • Customer Experience Awards
      • CXPA – Customer Experience Professionals Association
    • Branding and Identity Awards
      • REBRAND 100 Global Award
        Sprint; Preserve; Amplifon
      • 3 REBRAND Awards
      • 2 AIGA Bone Show Awards
    • Retail Awards
      • Event Design Magazine: Best Retail Installation
        Sprint HTC EVO
      • Association of Retail Environments
        Sprint Studio: Tac Table, Phone Pedestals
    • Interior Design Awards
      • NeoCon - Commercial Interiors
        Herman Miller Compass System
      • Interior Design Best of the Year Award
        Herman Miller Compass System
      • Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Product Design Achievement - Office Furnishings
    • Promotional Awards
      • How Magazine
      • Massachusetts Achievement Award for Promotional Campaign