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June 24, 2014
by Lee MoreauJason LeeBuck Sleeper

The make-up of our society is evolving—an aging population is not only living longer, but working longer and electing to preserve their independence later into life as well. Furthermore, it signals the need for a change of perspective in how to treat the different segments of our population.

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About the Author

  • moreau lee
    Lee Moreau

    Lee Moreau is a Principal at Continuum, a global design and innovation consultancy. An architect and strategist, Lee combines a unique capacity for complex-systems thinking with a deeply empathic perspective, which he uses to critically engage and re-imagine the contemporary world.

    Through research, analysis, and imagination, Lee helps Continuum’s clients understand their entanglement within their own complex set of cultural, material, and economic circumstances. Lee has led service design projects for a diverse group of clients that blur the boundaries between content and experience.

  • Sleeper Buck
    Buck Sleeper

    Buck is a multi-disciplinary designer with expertise in architecture and urbanism. His research concerns the relationships between ecology, infrastructure, and habitation. In pursuit of this work, he has become an avid user of digital design tools for visualization and fabrication.

    Buck is driven to deliver spaces and products that are flexible and elegant, using systematic approaches to planning and implementation that tease out latent efficiencies and opportunities. Prior to Continuum, he worked for Kennedy Violich Architects, where he was project manager for the North Bennet Street School expansion and renovation in Boston's North End.

    Buck earned his M.Arch at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and BA at Middlebury College in Vermont.