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Corporate Angel Investors: How to Help Support Innovation within Organizations

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September 7, 2017
by Ramon Salinas

Senior Strategist Ramon Salinas talks about the ways employees can apply the angel investment model to innovation.
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About the Author

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    Ramon Salinas

    Ramon combines the practical hands-on experience of an entrepreneur with the intellectual curiosity of an academic to make innovation come to life. He believes that consumer empathy plus high doses of creativity are the building blocks for delivering valuable products, services, and experiences.

    His professional experiences include co-founding a magazine publishing house and serving as the CEO of an award-winning advertising agency. Recently, he worked with companies from more than 20 industries—including Goodyear, ExxonMobil, Abbott, Cotton, and Converse—helping them identify and shape new growth opportunities.

    Ramon holds a master’s degree in humanities from UDD and an MBA from Babson College.