NXT #lrn2lrn

March 12, 2012
by Rose Manning


Who knows what the next big thing will be? Living in such an unpredictable era forces us to adapt and adopt constantly. Our biggest asset is an ability to learn. And we are starting to get credit from it – as we all know, bilinguals are smarter, the educated are more interesting, and those that “get it” make better employees. The resources to learn are increasingly accessible – Harvard, MIT and Stanford are all going online with public classes – so as the workplace gets more competitive, employees are responsible for making themselves as attractive as possible (New York Times).

“Studies show that the average person now changes careers at least three times and jobs an average of 10.5 times over the course of a working lifetime. Each of these new careers and jobs likely will require a person to learn a new set of skills” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

“I’m skill hoarding. Every time I update my resume, I see the path that I didn’t know would be. You keep throwing things into your backpack, and eventually you’ll have everything in your tool kit” (Fast Company).

How can we hone our existing ability to learn and leverage it in new ways? What do we lose and gain when we learn a little about a lot of things, rather than a lot about a few things?

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