Training Program Redesign

UNICEF Lebanon: Training Program Redesign

Maximizing the Impact of UNICEF's Innovation Labs in Lebanon.




UNICEF Lebanon’s Innovation Labs program aims to empower marginalized Lebanese and non-Lebanese youth, aged 14-24, through education in the areas of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The program aspires to reduce the digital divide, increase access to future job opportunities, and provide opportunities to develop and launch a micro-business for the teens and young adults.

In 2018 EPAM Continuum supported UNICEF Lebanon in reshaping its micro-entrepreneurship training program for their Innovation Labs, to increase the relevance and effectiveness of their curriculum.


Research & Insights



This collaboration led to a completely redesigned micro-entrepreneurship training program, which our team assessed with content partners. The new training package is a living document that UNICEF is piloting and improving thanks to the constant input of all Lab stakeholders.

EPAM Continuum provided recommendations, which went above and beyond the creation of new training material by suggesting strategic improvements for the future Innovation Labs; informing the way Lab courses and activities should be promoted to potential students; defining clear roles and responsibilities for trainers, coaches, and mentors across the program; and fostering interconnected pathways between all courses delivered by different partners to maximize their impact.




Through this program, UNICEF achieved a renewed commitment to collaboration and co-creation between the different Lab partners, which eventually resulted in a shared vision of the training material for youth. UNICEF is currently testing and rolling out the recommended program improvements.