Daekyo: Self-Directed Learning System Design

Daekyo partnered with Continuum to introduce a new education service experience in Korea.




When Daekyo, the Korea-based global educational services provider, approached Continuum in 2016, their business had plateaued. The firm needed to drive new growth. With a decreasing student population, caused by low birth rate and the emergence of new rivals in the private education market, Daekyo launched a new offering: the Learning Center. The Learning Center is a type of private academy where students can drop in at any time and receive student-centric education. It aims to provide a better customer experience than Daekyo’s core offering: a home-visit, private-tutoring approach.

Unfortunately, Daekyo’s brand identity presented a challenge. Its motto “Noonnoppi,” or “Eye-Level Learning,” emphasized individualized coaching and was hardly embedded in the Learning Center model. Together, we sought to discover new values that allowed for future change and redesigned education services, while properly reflecting the new corporate vision.


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