Fastweb: FASTGate Modem

The FASTGate modem offers a user-focused connectivity experience.

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Fastweb is one of Italy’s main internet providers, and a leader in the delivery of telecommunications services. They saw how often customers required troubleshooting support with internet peripherals, and wanted to minimize these negative customer experiences.

Fastweb also noticed a product development opportunity: they saw good reason to transition from service provider to an organization that could deliver both a product and service, to enable better home connectivity. They engaged Continuum to design a modem along with an extended connectivity experience.


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The modem was designed to support FastWeb’s brand, using a design language that strikes a balance between excellent technological performance and the human dimension of interaction.

The digital UI is built around features that allow for real-time intervention by users while giving direct reassuring feedback, which greatly minimizes consumer frustration.

The web- and mobile apps let users control internet-driven devices and activities. Consumers can set bandwidth use limits on a per-device basis, parental controls, and specific usage settings based on time of day.