WSE City Classroom Case Study

Wall Street English: City Classroom

We helped WSE envision their future communities by amplifying teachers at the center to create new services that connect alumni with students.

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Wall Street English (WSE) is a leading premium English language learning provider in China, with over 17 years of experience. WSE is located in 11 cities, has over 70 learning centers, and effectively utilizes its educational technology platforms to provide students with the choice of studying online and offline. But as mobile usage grows, and the expectations of local Chinese regarding English-language institutes get more sophisticated and broader, students seek more than lessons. They're looking for new opportunities, like making connections with other people, deepening their career development, and personal aspirations such as traveling or improving their self-confidence.

WSE believes that their core competency and differentiation reside in their ability to foster and maintain a strong student community, with the aim to be the “third place” that students spend time in, after home and work. However, WSE is facing the challenge of keeping the learning center experience dynamic and relevant in an environment with digital disruption.

To that end, WSE asked EPAM Continuum to help them envision their future online and offline communities and improve their already successful retention/renewal program by extending into alumni services.


Research & Insights



Following the research phase, we designed, prototyped, and conducted resonance tests to create the future community experience for WSE.

We synthesized key service principles that WSE can use to expand and scale the future community for their Learning Centers. By defining the ideal future state for WSE Community Experience, on both the online app and offline activities, we could develop meaningful connections to the students and staff far beyond the classroom.

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City Classroom, one of the new offline activities which was created in the project, landed in the market in 2019. It perfectly embeds English learning into daily life in a brand-new way. The service system includes two parts: one student-led and one teacher-led. This concept allows teachers to create a class based on their interests, so they are motivated and passionate to teach. Meanwhile, students can choose class subjects based on their interests, which encourages them to attend. It's a win-win design for everyone

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