The Implementation Dilemma

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The Implementation Dilemma

Why Building Innovation Capability Is Critical for Organizations

November 2, 2015
by Allison Ryder

In order to become customer-centered, many organizations are giving design thinking a shot. What we’ve observed, however, is that companies often focus too much on the front end of innovation: idea generation. Designer furniture, ping pong tables, and Post-its abound, as companies brainstorm new product and service concepts. But the struggle comes in their attempts to bring those ideas to market.

Ideas that can truly transform a business demand a new way of working, and introduce what we call the Implementation Dilemma. That is: Should an organization develop new offerings using its existing structures and processes, at the risk of delivering incremental innovations that barely move the needle… or instead pivot to a new way of building, testing, and scaling these concepts, with a constant tie back to the customer?

We believe the solution is the latter. At the recent Service Design Network Global Conference, Jon Campbell, VP of Customer Experience and Innovation Capability at Continuum, and Munib Karavdic, Design and Innovation Director of AMP, described how companies can build their innovation capability and bring customer-centered ideas to market.

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