NXT #mindismatter

March 2, 2012
by Rose Manning

Being healthy is about more than your waist size. Mental, social, spiritual, and emotional health are increasingly seen as critical components of physical health. However, under stress we are unable to manage these health needs properly and minor stressors – like missing a credit card payment or working to reach a deadline – build up in dangerous ways.

“Dr. Ader] demonstrated scientifically that stress worsens illness — sometimes even triggering it — and that reducing stress is essential to health care” (New York Times).

“(Placebos) can’t affect the underlying disease mechanisms in conditions like hypertension or arrhythmias, he considers. But they can influence subjective symptoms like pain and depression, hot flashes, and insomnia” (The Atlantic).

“A new study found a clear correlation between suicide rates and the business cycle among young and middle-age adults. That correlation vanished when researchers looked only at children and the elderly” (New York Times).

Being happy might be the responsible thing to do.

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