What does data security mean in an AI-first world?

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"ML Is a Much Better Toolset for the Bad Guys Than the Good Guys ... It's Not Ok for the Defender to Defend Only One Punch."

Silo Busting 64: Generative AI Data Security Fundamentals with Sam Rehman and Val Tsitlik

September 12, 2023
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The hype around generative AI remains strong. Right now, we’re nestled (un)comfortably atop the peak of this hype, wondering what in the world might come next. We’ve seen generative AI beat the bar exam. We’ve also, more recently, seen it fail to answer simple math equations.

Regardless of some of its failings, there’s no denying that these extremely rapid advancements in generative AI and its adoption trajectory are akin to the advent of the internet and the smartphone.
Big things are surely on the horizon.

Still, the path ahead is fuzzy, and many companies aren’t sure how to move forward. The biggest question that’s holding them back: “Is our data going to be safe?”

Our own Sam Rehman, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer, and Val Tsitlik, VP, Head of Data & Analytics, convened to acknowledge this mass consensus and how modern enterprises should be reframing this question.

When companies start thinking through AI data security, “You can get pretty deep down [a] rabbit hole and start thinking about very, very complex scenarios and very complex attack vectors,” says Tsitlik. “Really, the best place to start is with the fundamentals, before you go ahead and start building applications.”

And the discussion doesn’t stop there. Adoption is going to require a monumental culture shift and, “to change an entire organization to be comfortable to embrace working with some form of computer assistant; that’s a whole different ball game,” says Rehman.

Slowly crawling toward exploration and experimentation is futile. Change is knocking at your door, now.

And let’s get one thing straight, folks—things are going to be messy. But that’s all part of disruption, isn’t it? The curious innovators who embrace the messy unknown are the ones who come out stronger on the other side.

“If you don’t start now, I don’t know how much time you’ll need to catch up… Do it and try to embrace it in small chunks,” says Rehman.

Now let’s hear more about what Sam and Val have to say on the fundamentals of data security in an AI-first world.

Host: Alison Kotin
Engineer: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Hillary Tiene
Executive Producer: Ken Gordon

Silo Busting 64: Generative AI Data Security Fundamentals with Sam Rehman and Val Tsitlik
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