Audi Mobility: Audi on demand

Global competition in the automotive industry was on the rise and the economic shift toward services was impacting revenue streams.




When luxury automaker Audi approached Continuum in 2012, global competition in the automotive industry was on the rise. At the same time, an economic tilt toward services was impacting revenue streams for most product manufacturers.

Audi had an innovative idea that, if done well, would propel them ahead of both market trends. It would produce an entirely new source of revenue and invent a new kind of Audi customer. And it would enable Audi to tap into the service economy in a way that granted the brand a competitive edge. The idea was this: Give people access to a luxury car on-demand—not by selling them an Audi, but by sharing one.

Audi understood that developing a car-sharing offering required them to do something they’d never done before: design a complex service experience. As a brand known for exceptional engineering, such a move could have major effect, positive or negative. Audi sought our help with this brand challenge, and together we converted a whiteboard idea into a premium real-world service experience.


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We helped Audi to introduce a new kind of luxury automotive experience to the U.S. market in the form of Audi on demand. With this new car-sharing service, the automaker gains competitive advantage in an evolving economy and meets the needs of a new kind of customer, without compromising the strong brand identity for which they’re known and admired.

FPO Case Study: Audi: audi interactive