Continuum and Bertucci's considered __Millennials' dining habits__ and developed a __new restaurant concept__.

Bertucci's: 2Ovens

Continuum and Bertucci's considered Millennials' dining habits and developed a new restaurant concept.

Bertucci’s approached Continuum to help them cook up a solution to their “Millennial problem,” without completely straying from their brand identity.



The dining landscape is changing rapidly, and has been for some time. What's driving this change? Millennials. They’re a generation that loves to eat at restaurants, with 53% going out to eat at least once a week (compared to 43% of the general population). As of 2015, these frequent diners were spending an average of $174 per month on restaurant dining.

Major restaurant chains are racing to engage this influential generation, and Bertucci’s wanted to join the race. The laid-back Italian restaurant chain, although well-known, was struggling to reach a younger demographic that saw it as a familial restaurant they associated with childhood, and not a place to gather with friends. Bertucci’s approached Continuum to help them cook up a solution to their “Millennial problem,” without completely straying from their brand identity.


Research & Insights



We worked with all levels of the Bertucci’s organization to make a full-scale restaurant, and designed everything from the tasty, sharable menu, to the uniforms and logo, to the pizza packaging, to the space and service model.

We built an entire full-scale prototype restaurant, where we could test our service experience designs. We ensured that the space was welcoming, that the chef could move easily, and that there was an open, friendly atmosphere. Each of the two ovens—one for cooking vegetables, and one for meat and pizza—is visible, so customers feel connected to the food and the chef.

In collaboration with the chef, the kitchen manager, and a team of finance experts, we created a smaller, more curated menu, with easily shared plates and a wider variety of alcoholic beverages. We maximized menu capabilities by creatively repurposing ingredients. Serving a pizza with peppers? Why not add peppers to another dish to maximize ingredients? Knowing what price points would be feasible for the 2Ovens business was crucial to designing an accessible menu for customers.

Thanks to our iterative prototyping process, we were able to make rapid, significant improvements, and to move quickly from concept sketches to reality.



The journey from concept to reality was incredibly fast, with a mere ten-month turnaround time. The first 2Ovens concept restaurant opened in December 2012 in Massachusetts, and exceeded the organization’s financial goals.

In July 2013, 2Ovens was featured in a Forrester Report called, “Customer Experience Innovation Demystified: Frame Innovations With Customer Needs, Business Model, And Brand."