Silo Busting 9: Securing the Cloud with Sam Rehman


“You Have to Look at Your Cloud Strategy and Look at Security at the Same Time. You Design That In.”

Silo Busting 9: Securing the Cloud with Sam Rehman

October 9, 2020
by Ken Gordon
Sam Rehman

The cloud is an opaque space. Few people know how to migrate safely upwards. Fortunately, in the first of our #CybersecurityByDesign episodes of Silo Busting, we talk with an expert who skillfully navigates the cloud: Sam Rehman, our Chief Information Security Officer and SVP. Rehman breaks through the nimbus surrounding the topic and explains to producer Ken Gordon the special nature of cloud security, the importance of data strategy, the smart way to fly through multiple clouds, the cloud’s agile dynamism and elasticity, and the cloud-based fear many people feel (and how to disarm it). Truth is, the cloud is complicated and organizations need to cultivate a more realistic understanding here. Says Rehman: “A lot of people move to the cloud not thinking about ‘What exactly is the boundary? What exactly is the protection?’” Pay attention, and you’ll be soon floating such essential questions yourself.

Host: Alison Kotin
Engineer: Kip Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

Silo Busting 9:Securing the Cloud with Sam Rehman
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