Turning the Tables on the Host of "Innovation Hub"

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Turning the Tables on the Host of "Innovation Hub"

The Resonance Test 12: Kara Miller

June 28, 2017
by Jon CampbellKen Gordon

If you love innovation, you must—must!—listen to Innovation Hub, the smart and entertaining radio program that emanates from the WGBH studios in Boston. At The Resonance Test, we admire Innovation Hub and the show’s host and executive editor, Kara Miller. However, this admiration is eclipsed by that of Continuum SVP Jon Campbell, who admits, on this episode of the podcast, to being a fanboy of the show and Miller. Listen up, as he turns the tables on Miller and asks her some great questions—and she says things like:

• H.J. Heinz was “just trying to sell people not just on ketchup or pickles but on the idea that you could buy pre-prepared food, and it was safe to do that and it wouldn’t kill you or anything.”

• “We try to find people who can take a deeper dive than the stuff that is coming at us a hundred miles an hour at us every day.”

• “Makeup for television is terrible to take off. Terrible.”

• “If you wanna think deeply about something, about how you want to change the world or how you wanna create something new, you have to step away for a little while from those emails.”

The Resonance Test 12: Kara Miller
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