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"To Me, the Important Part Is Becoming a Cloud, not Moving to the Cloud"

Silo Busting 56: The Business Value of Cloud with Eli Feldman and Miha Kralj

March 2, 2023
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There's value—business value—lodged in the cloud! But to begin releasing this value, a shift in mindset is required. Organizations need to understand that cloud isn't just for IT people but for business leaders seeking to create an adaptive organization and apply the idea of composable business.

Cloud is essential for creating composable business, and all it promises. In this Silo Busting conversation, Eli Feldman, EPAM's CTO of Advanced Technology, says: "Cloud service providers are API providers and this is fundamental in understanding... new ways of working." He talks about how cloud can help business "evolve its capabilities very rapidly, repackage them constantly to meet customer demand and IT technology."

Feldman says the cloud can enable a wide variety of services and endpoints through APIs that can integrate within an overall business platform capability.

His conversational partner Miha Kralj, EPAM’s VP of Cloud Strategy, notes that cloud can give the "illusion of global omnipresence," in which business "can reach to every corner of the world, not just because cloud is everywhere, but also reach of the internet and also digital savviness of all of the modern consumers that are out there."

Listen as these two experts talk about how the new cloudiness is changing the craft of modern engineering and introducing change management challenges to leadership everywhere (say Kralj: "The cheese is moving again, right?").

You don't want to just move to the cloud; you want, as Feldman says, to become the cloud. The episode will provide instructions on beginning to do so.

Host: Glen Gruber
Engineer: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

Silo Busting 56: The Business Value of Cloud with Eli Feldman and Miha Kralj
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