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This Week Made Real

April 28, 2017

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal.

The Brave New World of Consumer-Med Devices

Continuum SVP Kevin Young gives MD+DI some good advice on navigating the consumer-med world.

Can a Museum Fail? Yes! This One Was Made to Do So

The New York Times reports on a Swedish failure museum, dediciated to "the risky business of design."

NASA, 3D Printing, and... Chainmail?

Seems that our space program aims to use 3D printers to produce chainmail, for the protection of our astronauts and the ships. Gizmodo has the story.

Cool Civic Tortise-and-Hare Innovtion in Utrech

CityLab brings us this story on the distinctively Dutch approach to bicycle assistance: 'Flo.'

Your Electric Flying Taxi Has Arrived...

In Dezeen, we read about Lilium, a German electric jet plane company that has just executed its first test flights.

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