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This Week Made Real

December 16, 2016

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal.

What Can Healthcare Learn from Financial Services?

According to Principal Yuhgo Yamaguchi, one giant industry has best practices to learn from another. Read the piece in HBR.

Increasing Patient Engagement

Modern Healthcare suggests high-deductible plans are not the best way to get people more involved in their healthcare decisions.

Drones Come for Paramedics

As reported in Medgadget, the HiRO drone system transports medical supplies and Google Glass connected to a remote physician to injury sites.

How to Design Cool Products

The Atlantic reflects on the qualities of design that make products reasonate with consumers.

Our Evolving Food System

HonestTea founder Seth Goldman explores the two trends shifting consumption away from big brands in World Positive.

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