A Webinar on Designing the Senior Driving Experience

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The Old Road Test: A Conversation About the Role of Technology in Keeping Seniors Driving Longer and Safer

We're Talking About Redesigning the Senior Driving Experience

February 8, 2021
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Senior drivers will represent 25% of the market by 2025. This means that we must start seriously considering their needs when designing cars.

Question is: How might we apply technology and design in meaningful ways to keep senior drivers on the road longer and safer?

This is the query driving our upcoming lunchtime panel discussion between Joseph Coughlin, Director of the AgeLab at MIT and author of The Longevity Economy, and Dustin Boutet, who leads EPAM Continuum’s Travel and Hospitality Vertical. The event will be moderated by journalist Dale Buss.

In this wide-ranging conversation, you’ll learn about the:

  • Emotional side of driving while older
  • Adaptive role that data, sensors and computer vision can play for senior motorists
  • Complicated conversations families must sometimes have, among other relevant topics

Coughlin, Boutet, and Buss discuss how all these issues are embodied in today’s automotive landscape as well as EPAM Continuum’s Silverkey project. Silverkey explores the ecosystem that connects the in-car experience to outside services that enable senior drivers to get behind the wheel with confidence.

Watch this great conversation here.

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