Social media may be the easiest (and best) way to network

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Social media may be the easiest (and best) way to network

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March 9, 2015
by Carmencita Bua

In business, connections matter. Continuum COO Carmencita Bua contributes to "Fortune Insider", the magazine’s management and leadership best practices column. In this installment, she explains how professionals can leverage social media networks to connect with the right people.

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  • Bua_Carmencita
    Carmencita Bua
    Head of Operations

    Despite her title of Head of Operations, Carmencita is more interested in behavior than operational processes. Her focus: finding the right strategy to achieve strong financial and cultural results for EPAM Continuum.

    Carmencita currently directs EPAM Continuum Greater China. She believes the rise of China will bring positive dynamics to the global innovation landscape, and sees huge potential for growing the business by changing the lives of the burgeoning Chinese middle class.

    A life-long lover of debate, she studied law in Pisa, where Galileo Galilei observed the sky and Giosuè Carducci scratched out his first poems. She contends that human-centered design is the best means of improving the life of people and organizations. Carmencita is the mother of five children-all of whom are her best friends and greatest achievements.