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Six Steps to Build a Loyalty Program That Increases Customer Engagement

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January 4, 2016
by Brandon TirrellAnthony Pannozzo

For most businesses, building a devoted, loyal customer base is an ongoing challenge. Anthony Pannozzo, SVP, Experience & Service Design, and Brandon Tirrell, Senior Strategist, offer up six steps toward creating the type of loyalty program that will retain customers.

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  • Tirrell Brandon
    Brandon Tirrell
    Senior Business Strategist

    Brandon has a passion for working at the nexus of creative and analytical thought. He loves designing spreadsheets just as much as designing furniture and believes that the right constraints produce the best ideas.
    At Continuum, Brandon uses financial models and business reasoning to support innovation and help clients say “yes” to new ideas. He’s worked across industries, including construction, education, retail, and financial services.
    Brandon earned an MBA with Distinction at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a BS with Honors in physics from Dickinson College.