NXT #masculinemystique

June 27, 2012
by Rose Manning


Though more and more men define fatherhood and balance as key tenets of their lives, modern men are struggling to find their place as women pass them by educationally and professionally.

“Today, more men define an ideal man not only by his ability to support his family with his work, but by his role as an active and involved father, spouse or partner, and son. And economic realities have conspired to make that balance even harder to achieve: average wages for men have remained flat (and even declined a bit) in recent years; long hours, escalating job demands, greater job insecurity, and boundaries between work and home life that have broken down” (LA Times).

“He and new fathers everywhere were calibrating the state of their manhood after the release of a much-discussed study of 600 men that indicated that testosterone — the defining hormone of maleness — drops after a man becomes a father” (New York Times).

“Seven of the 18 women who are currently CEOs of Fortune 500 companies—including Xerox’s Ursula Burns, PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi, and WellPoint’s Angela Braly—have, or at some point have had, a stay-at-home husband…who dialed back their careers to become their powerful wives’ chief domestic officers” (Business Week).

If men can’t have it all, what do they want most? What will they prioritize?

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