NXT #bespokewellness

February 2, 2012
by Rose Manning


Being unique is taking new shape. As options to be healthy proliferate, people are looking for frameworks that work uniquely for them—supplements, group exercise, tracking, and diets. Discovering what works for your body is easier (and scarier) than ever

The Mayo Clinic is pushing hard on the field of individualized medicine, a model that uses genetic or other information to tailor treatment of individual patients. While critics cite the discriminatory implications of genomics, proponents believe that the information will be useful for “cancer diagnosis and treatment, drug therapy, disease prevention, and many others” (GlobalNewsWire).

“…(researchers) found most people willing to take a DNA test even if didn’t perfectly predict their risks for disease. About 70 percent of the respondents were willing to take even an imperfect test for genetic risks of Alzheimer’s, and more than three-quarters were willing to take such tests for arthritis, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Most people also said they’d be willing to spend money out of their own pocket for the test…” (New York Times).

“one’s precise skin-care needs are assessed (dryness? dullness? fine lines?) and a desired consistency is chosen (featherweight matte gel or rich golden cream?). With these measurements taken, a package is dispatched to Dior’s laboratory in Saint-Jean-de-Braye, where the formula is blended with a megadose of antioxidant-rich sap …The heavy gold (monogrammed) jar is then shipped to your front door” (Vogue).

If you know more about yourself and there are more options, how do you know what’s right for you?

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