Redefining the Community Experience

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Neighborhoods Redefined: How Lockdown Redesigned the Idea of Being Alone Together

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June 22, 2020
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When the pandemic hit, our cities and communities changed, almost overnight. During COVID-19, much of daily life slowed down or came to a standstill. Experiences we once took for granted—going to the office or school, eating in restaurants, visiting with family and friends in public places—suddenly became risks to our collective health.

Our daily journeys into residential neighborhoods, buildings, and homes have been altered, augmented, and transformed. In this new reality, the way we design experiences must shift to meet our new expectations around hygiene, safety, security, and comfort.

There’s much to learn here, particularly for those who design and manage communities. We looked to dense residential buildings and communities in Asia to frame and understand opportunities for new approaches to property management and development in the future.

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