The Resonance Test 24: Robin Glasco


“My Job Is to Break Healthcare”

The Resonance Test 24: Robin Glasco

May 11, 2018
by Lee MoreauKen Gordon

Robin Glasco is a superhero. She goes where the love is. She is fearless, this Chief Innovation Office of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Glasco is out to redesign healthcare, and she recognizes that this monumental task involves risk, collaboration, experimentation, and trust. She and Continuum’s Lee Moreau talk it all out in the latest iteration of our Resonance Test podcast. Here are some of her super remarks:

• “I really want to reinvent healthcare, and [to do that] you gotta be risky, you gotta have some fearlessness to you. If you’re into sports it’s kinda that Cam Newton pulling back that Superman pose that he does. I’m all down for that, so that’s how I leverage that in my world.”

• “My job is to break healthcare.... And by that I mean the status quo is not acceptable in healthcare.”

• “I’m not trying to perfect the pager,” she says, adding: “A good part of my role is the help the organization see that ‘the pager’ is not a viable, sustainable business model for us.”

• “Anyone in healthcare needs to spend time with physicians, working in that environment.”

• “Truly when human-centered design just becomes part of your DNA is when we don’t have to be there along the way, holding their hand.”

• “Health is a 360, 24-7 experience journey.”

• “There aren’t any winners in healthcare right now. There is pain across every step, every spot in the journey of healthcare.”

• “This is not the Robin Glasco Innovation Center. This should be a community asset that people should embrace and be able to see themselves as a part of.”

Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 24: Robin Glasco</

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