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Lucky Cow Yogurt

The Future of Zero-Waste Packaging

October 5, 2021
lucky cow

Lucky Cow redefines the way in which we create food, packaging, and services to reduce—dramatically—the environmental footprint of consumer packaged goods (CPG). Our goal is to create great products that people need and want, engineer packaging that is simple to reuse or dispose of responsibly, and help shoppers better understand the conservation steps taken by manufacturers throughout their supply chain.

Lucky Cow is a conceptual dairy company, created with a mission to define zero-waste future food containers. Lucky Cow’s first product is a family of yogurts—dry, solid, and fresh—each with a different form factor and package created to meet consumer needs with a radically low-environmental impact.

Download the full Lucky Cow whitepaper for more on creating radically sustainable consumer packaged goods.

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