Gary Pisano on the DNA of Sustained Innovation

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“Just Because One Believes that Small Is Beautiful, It Doesn't Mean Big Has to Be Ugly”

The Resonance Test 43: Gary Pisano

January 31, 2020
by Jon CampbellKen Gordon

“Organizations are fascinating because they're completely human created,” says Harvard Business School professor Gary Pisano in the just-posted episode of The Resonance Test. “They're not natural.” Which is to say: they are cultural. Pisano’s new book, Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation, makes it clear that innovation is a set of choices a company, a leader, may or may not make. In an invigorating conversation with our Jon Campbell, Pisano asserts that “everything about organizational life was designed in some way” and therefore it can all be redesigned. Listen closely, and you’ll learn some relevant business lessons, including the paradoxes of innovative cultures and the challenges of earning today’s dollar while also charting a company’s future course.

Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 43: Gary Pisano
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