Infographic: What Can Healthcare Learn from Financial Services?


Infographic: What Can Healthcare Learn from Financial Services?

September 9, 2015
by Yuhgo YamaguchiJoanna Luo

We’ve seen the financial services industry move from an expert-driven model to one of more access to information and transparency into processes. In the infographic below, we outline the history of the evolution of financial services and what implications that may have on the future of healthcare.


Download this image as a PDF: Evolution of Financial Services and Future of Healthcare (PDF).

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About the Author

  • Yamaguchi Yuhgo
    Yuhgo Yamaguchi

    Yuhgo is designing a more human-centered, connected future for healthcare. At Continuum, he manages client engagements and expands the firm’s healthcare service offerings, designing innovative experiences for people throughout the care ecosystem.

    Yuhgo worked previously at Philips Healthcare, where he worked with cross-disciplinary teams to develop wearable devices for seniors and children. He also managed user research for medical device design programs at Insight Product Development. With a background in finance and healthcare, he is constantly thinking about the intersection of care and its financial impact on people.

    Yuhgo has a BA in economics from Colby College.

  • Luo Joanna
    Joanna Luo

    Joanna enjoys investigating complex systems and building holistic solutions that create powerful and meaningful interactions for people.
    Since joining Continuum, she’s worked on a variety of both international and domestic projects in healthcare and financial services. Most recently, Joanna designed a new service model strategy and flagship branch space for a top-10 world bank, to create deeper customer engagement.
    Joanna has developed identities and digital experiences for start-ups in financial services and healthcare, and most recently spoke in Shanghai at the Tongji University College of Design and Innovation. Joanna holds a bachelor of architecture from Rice University.