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"In a Team, if Everybody Is Bringing Their Authentic Self, it Raises the Opportunity for Innovation.”

The Resonance Test 18: Kelly Fredrickson

December 19, 2017
by Lee MoreauKen Gordon

Is there room in corporate banking for innovation? For positive psychology? For a llama? If you ask Kelly Fredrickson, an SVP of Creative at Bank of America, the answer is a major yes! In the latest iteration of The Resonance Test, Fredrickson and our Lee Moreau dig deep into the creative side of corporate banking. Give us 34 minutes or so, and you’ll get some great remarks from Fredrickson, including these:

• “I actually hate when people say they’re not creative, because I think any problem-solution thought process is actually someone being creative.”

• “The mobile app, which is a really great way to access all that the bank has to offer, is very different than telling somebody: Here’s how you can build a budget. Or Let’s talk about retirement. Let’s talk about planning for your future. The llama fit the mobile app differently.”

• “In a team, if everybody is bringing their authentic self, it raises the opportunity for innovation.”

• On data and permission: “If it feels creepy, then you’ve failed.”

• “We are a giant corporation. But we’re a giant corporation made up of people.”

• “I see people call me, and then hang up. And then call back. They don't think they got me, and then they realize that it’s the llama so they call back to listen to the whole thing.”

Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 18: Kelly Fredrickson
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