A conversation with the Chief Innovation Officer of Boston Children's Hospital about population health in the era of COVI-19.


“In a Single Day, We Would Do as Many Virtual Visits as We'd Done the Last Quarter of 2019”

The Resonance Test 50: John Brownstein

July 28, 2020
by Jonathon SwerseyKen Gordon
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Who’s the person you really want to speak with during a pandemic? Why, a digital epidemiologist of course. And so we rang up John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer of Boston Children’s Hospital—and a former Resonance Test guest—so we might all benefit from his particular expertise. In this conversation, our Jonathon Swersey talks with Brownstein about population health monitoring, the collection of COVID-19 data, the relaxation of regulations during the pandemic, and why it’s a good idea to watch, closely, what happens on social media and in hospital parking lots. If you're part of the population whose life has been affected by COVID-19, you'll want to listen.

Host: Kyle Wing
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 50: John Brownstein
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