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"If It's Not a Kick to Be Out With Your Team in the Distribution Center at 1 a.m…. You. Are. In. The. Wrong. Job."

The Resonance Test 30: Tom Peters

March 8, 2019
by Jon CampbellKen Gordon

Legendary business author Tom Peters has long insisted on putting people first. Be excellent with customers and employees, and you’ll be reap the rewards. In an insightful and rollicking conversation with Jon Campbell, EPAM Continuum’s Head of Experience & Service Design, Peters sounds off on a variety of (always human-centered) topics. “I am an arch enemy of agile, if you capitalize the A, because then it becomes a religion,” he says. Turn in and hear him get a little choked up about Eisenhower’s leadership and heated about the idea of Management By Wandering Around, or MBWA: “If it’s not a kick to be out with your team in the distribution center at 1 a.m…. You. Are. In. The Wrong. Job.” There's plenty to ponder here as well. Numerous times, Peters calls up an extremely apt and memorable line, such as: “The best way to persuade someone is with your ears” (from former Secretary of State Dean Rusk), and you’ll think about it for days and days. A most resonant episode of The Resonance Test

Host: Jen Ashman
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 30: Tom Peters
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