If It’s Just an Idea, It’s Not an Innovation


If It’s Just an Idea, It’s Not an Innovation

Inside EPAM’s Made Real Lab

July 9, 2019
by Ken Gordon
Made Real Lab Hero

Our clients’ ideas don’t just appear in the world. They are carefully designed, engineered, and tested in a place specifically created for that purpose: The Made Real Lab.

Providing a place to prototype brand new concepts, the Made Real Lab enables clients and consumers to see, touch, and experience them for the first time—and at scale. Richard Ciccarelli, Senior Director, Made Real Lab, says it is a “convergence of technical research and experience-led, human-centered design.”

The power of combining integrated research and prototyping capabilities is that it makes us smarter and faster than we would otherwise be. The Made Real Lab is an intelligence accelerator. “Prototyping is how we learn,” says Ciccarelli. “We don’t assume our assumptions are correct. We test them. We learn from people.”

Starting in our Boston studio, the Made Real Lab is now combined with EPAM’s Garages, merging experiential prototyping and the Garages’ extensive proof-of-concept work and experiments with cutting-edge technologies to understand real-world applications for clients. Other Made Real Labs will soon be rolling out in Minsk, Switzerland, and beyond.

The Made Real Lab embodies our ethos to realize ideas in the market to grow and optimize our clients’ business. By showing rather than telling, the Made Real Lab creates a superb engagement model for clients and their customers.

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