The Co-Founder of CyberSaint Security on DRM


“I Personally Think That’s the Future: You Have to Understand Risk in Terms of Dollars”

Silo Busting 29: The Value of DRM with Padraic O'Reilly and Boris Khazin

August 5, 2021
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What’s the cost of risk? It’s a big question for all sentient humans—but an extremely pertinent one for Padraic O'Reilly, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of CyberSaint Security. In fact, the dollar value of risk is a key element in how he does business with clients, as he explains to Boris Khazin, our Global Head of DRM Services, in our latest #CybersecurityByDesign conversation. It’s quite a moment for risk right now. Companies are deeply concerned about the plague of malware episodes and what they might cost them. “Because of the attacks we’ve seen this year,” he says, “we’re seeing that accelerate companies’ need to understand risk on the fly with fresh data.” The current “state of play” of GRC, says O’Reilly, involves “balkanized business functions talking to each other” and they might be doing a lot of this on spreadsheets (he calls it “spreadsheet madness”). They can do better, by going digital and using automation. It’s a very big deal. And O’Reilly underscores this by adding that even the big cloud providers say that they need partners who can “generate a view into risk.” This conversation will certainly generate great interest in the topic.

Host: Alison Kotin
Engineer: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

Silo Busting 29: CyberSaint’s Padraic O'Reilly on the Value of DRM
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