NXT—Four Trends Shaping Financial Services

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Four Trends Shaping Financial Services

Continuum's NXT Group looks at the changes in culture, technology, and business impacting financial services.

October 12, 2016
by Rose ManningPrajakta Kulkarni

As consumers, our behavior is often shaped by trends—shifts in culture, technology, and business that impact how we approach our lives. While our relationship with money can be highly personal, it too is affected by larger changes happening in the world around us.

If you work in the financial services industry and are thinking about keeping your business relevant to tomorrow's consumers, your first consideration might not be the latest social media fundraising craze or the growing population earning money through sharing-economy side jobs at start-ups like Uber or Instacart. But these consumer behaviors are important to think about, because they do have an effect on your business.

Curious to learn more?

Read about four specific trends that are shifting how people engage with money in this PDF: NXT: Four Trends Shaping Financial Services.

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