Evolving the UX Paradigm: How Automakers Can Outsmart the Smartphone

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Evolving the UX Paradigm: How Automakers Can Outsmart the Smartphone

It's Time to Redesign the Digital Cockpit

February 3, 2020
by Rebecca PinnTyler GabrielJared Steinmark

Cars are getting lapped by smartphones. Automotive companies should own the digital driving experience, but have been too slow to take control of this highly contested space. Going forward, the car’s value proposition must expand beyond transportation. The car needs to evolve into a conduit for services. This evolution starts with the user experience–a new paradigm that makes the coordination between the driver, the car, the cloud, and other smart devices effortless. It’s not too late for car companies to catch up, but in order to do so they need to: (a) develop a new mindset, one oriented toward creating better digital experiences; and (b) start developing the connected cars that intelligently interface with their user’s preferred digital ecosystem.

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About the Author

  • Pinn Rebecca
    Rebecca Pinn

    Armed with an analytical mind, Rebecca brings a desire to solve large, complex problems to her teams. A member of the strategy group at Continuum, her goal is to tackle the challenges clients face to find the right path that will exceed their customers' needs and expectations.
    Rebecca's past clients include Boeing, Pepsi, Playtex, Chobani, and The New York Academy of Medicine. She has worked on a variety of projects ranging from consumer products to enterprise software across multiple industries.
    She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a masters in product development.

  • Tyler Gabriel
    Tyler Gabriel

    Tyler was drawn into design because he believes it empowers people to lead better lives. He enjoys pairing system-level, contextual understanding with empathy for an individual’s experience in order to imagine new value for users.

    In addition to design strategy Tyler is an envisioner; he takes complex, nuanced, or even esoteric ideas generated by the team and visualizes them in their most essential form, such that anyone can quickly grasp their value to the user.

    Tyler has a degree in Product Design from ArtCenter College of Design, and has worked at Hasbro designing the future of interactive action figures, and with BMW Designworks’ Creative Consulting team on concept cars and qualitative research on luxury consumers. Since joining EPAM Continuum he’s contributed on projects ranging from the smart vehicle cockpits to mobile-first usage of government social services.

  • jared steinmark
    Jared Steinmark

    Jared focuses on the connections between digital and physical environments. He brings almost a decade of experience across multiple disciplines, all with a focus on highly crafted, user-centered design. His process is rooted in iteration and prototyping.

    Past projects have included helping a major pharmaceutical company overhaul their existing drug ordering process, designing a mobile app integrating hardware and software for a health and fitness wearable, and strategizing the future of connected devices with a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Jared received undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology and participated in the UXDI program at General Assembly.