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Designed to Make an Impact

Take a Peek at This Inspiring Calendar Project

August 7, 2017
by Joohee Jun

What makes social innovation so powerful?

Part of the answer is that such work is, by its very nature, deep and wide. The focus isn’t necessarily on a user group. It isn’t done in the name of a single organization. It’s for all humanity. There is something transcendent in the act of designing for the social good. It runs over our numerous generational, cultural, and business lines.

Continuum’s desire to serve society is the driving force behind our Korean studio’s partnership with g:ru, a local social enterprise focused on Fair Trade goods. Together, we design a yearly calendar, and this year marks the fourth anniversary of the partnership. Starting with lovely sketches drawn by children in developing countries, we work with local craftsmen to produce beautiful, hand-made calendars. G:ru uses the profits from this initiative to improve the infrastructure of local kindergartens, schools, and villages.

By creating these one-of-a-kind calendars, we touch the hearts of children and local craftspeople, Continuum’s designers in Korea, and those who purchase the calendar across the world. And we belive in sustainability, which is deeply rooted in this circle of collaboration.

This year, we met Nepalese children, and they truly helped us make an impact.

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    Joohee Jun

    Joohee likes to play with words. She designs ways for Continuum’s global community to connect and share, particularly shaping Continuum Seoul’s stories.

    Prior to joining Continuum, Joohee worked at global PR agency Webershandwick and Korea’s unicorn startup Yello Mobile, where she gained hands-on experience in creating storytelling, managing risk communication and building a variety of communication channels to tap into the necessary audience. In her journey, she has become more and more fascinated by people and their stories.

    Joohee holds a B.S. in international politics from Georgetown University with a concentration in foreign policy.