Design Thinking in Financial Services

special issue

Design Thinking in Financial Services

How We Bring Human-Centered Design to an Established, Regulated Industry

September 12, 2016

Continuum has been practicing service design and designing winning customer experiences in the financial services space for over a decade, having worked with many of the world’s leading organizations.

Shifting consumer expectations, the arrival of new competitors unencumbered by legacy tech systems, and a brave new regulatory environment mean that financial service organizations must now put the customers at the center of their businesses. Immediately. It's no simple task, as these customers demand superlative experiences—ones that match the first-rate service they receive in other industries—in exchange for their loyalty. Delivering these experiences requires innovation in the way financial services operate.

We've gathered some of our best thinking here to give you a sense of the breadth of our work and hopefully offer some inspiration for you and your own organization.

Curious how ready your org is to innovate?

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Healthcare for FS2 3 Steps for FS Building Innovation Capability Video for FS
How Healthcare Can Help Financial Services Become More Consumer-Centric Three Steps Financial Services Firms Should Take to Become Innovators CLOSE UP VIDEO: Building Innovation Capability
by Yuhgo Yamaguchi by Prajakta Kulkarni by Jon Campbell
Scaler Report for FS nxt_trends_for_fs Citic for FS
REPORT: Understanding the Scaler Perspective Four Trends Shaping Financial Services CITIC Bank: Flagship Branch Design
By Continuum and the Ford Foundation by Rose Manning and Prajakta Kulkarni A Continuum Case Study
Design Thinking if Not a Designer for FS Financial Services IG for FSP BBVA for FS
What Good is Design Thinking If I'm Not a "Designer"? INFOGRAPHIC: What Can Healthcare Learn from Financial Services? BBVA: Designing the Bank of the Future
by Alison Kotin and Pete Chapin by Yuhgo Yamaguchi and Joanna Luo A Continuum Case Study
Loyalty PDF for FS Financial Fieldwork for FS
Build a Loyalty Program That Transcends the Transaction Financial Fieldwork: Lessons Learned from Microfinance Service Design in Jordan
by Brandon Tirrell by Zach Hyman
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