EPAM Continuum Launches Consumers Unmasked

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Consumers Unmasked

Our 12-Month International Consumer Behavior Study Launches

July 2, 2021
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How will we all behave when our masks finally come off? That’s the big question, as the world hangs an open-for-business sign on its door. To find out we’ve launched an ambitious research project, Consumers Unmasked. Over a 12-month period, we’ll regularly connect with the EPAM Continuum Consumer Council—a group of 60 millennial and Gen Z consumers in the UK, the US, and Germany—to get a real-time sense of how people are thinking, feeling, and acting. We’ll will eventually export the insights from this research and do some quantitative surveying of a larger audience. Consumers Unmasked will go a long way to help us understand life after lockdown. Feel free to follow along.

Photo by Cam Morin on Unsplash

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