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The Resonance Test 78: Consumers Unmasked Travel Insights with Jasmin Guthmann and Daniel Smythe

March 15, 2022
jasmin and dan

It’s 2022: Are you ready to jump on a plane? Are your customers? What might it take to make all of us comfortable with the idea of traveling, once again, across the globe? We’ve been thinking about such questions because we’ve been prompted by the insights from Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2, part of our longitudinal, international research initiative. In this episode of The Resonance Test, Jasmin Guthmann, Senior Director of Global Partner Marketing at Contentstack, and Daniel Smythe, Vice President of Retail & Hospitality Consulting for EPAM Continuum, sojourn deep into the topic of contemporary travel. Guthmann herself admits that it’s a tense moment for travel: “I've just come off my first long haul flight myself and the level of anxiety added is incredible.” To offset this, she says, the travel industry must provide “as much certainty as possible.”

But the travel challenges aren’t just about pandemic fear and uncertainty; they also include economics. Learning that 44% of Consumers Unmasked respondents said they couldn't afford a vacation, Guthmann said: “That's pretty dire,” adding: “I don't think discounts will be the way to go” and that young travel customers “need highly attractive offers,” personalized and customized offers, at “the right price for what [they] want.”

Together, Guthmann and Smythe talk intelligently about taking customer experience seriously, the personalization tech can play, staycations and remote work, the importance of privacy for today’s travelers, and travel must do to attain, especially for young customers, “that more playful vibe again.”

Host: Macy Donaway
Engineer: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 78: Consumers Unmasked Travel Insights with Jasmin Guthmann and Daniel Smythe
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