Blend Space: Shopping in an Uncertain Future

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Blend Space

Shopping in an Uncertain Future

February 26, 2021

Brick and mortar isn’t gone, but its purpose has changed. Part showroom, part neighbor, part shipping center: Stores are no longer a final destination in themselves; they’re simply the most tangible node in a network of connected brand moments. And, just maybe, they sell things, too.

The following report outlines how to consider digital-physical merge as part of your omnichannel and edge retail strategy, while also understanding the role of shopper behavior and preference. In addition to transforming your supply chain, fulfillment, and e-commerce platforms, Blend Space is a methodology for building trust, creating community, and driving engagement with your customers.

Blend Space is EPAM Continuum’s approach to creating resilient, holistic, and human-centered retail experiences.

Download the report here.

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