A Cultural Experience Made Real

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A Cultural Experience Made Real

August 12, 2014
by Gabriella D'Agostino

The Italians believe that the kitchen is the center of life, a place where people can come together and not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also enjoy each other’s company. This experience in the kitchen is a sacred piece of Italian culture, which our studio in Milan, Italy truly appreciates.

In 2011, Fratelli Guzzini partnered with our studio in Milan to create products that are not only necessities, but that also support the importance of the kitchen as the “center of life.”

Rather than focusing on the design aesthetic, Continuum conducted research in Italy, France, and Germany in order to thoroughly understand the people who will be using these products, as well as find a cultural balance. Our project team combined the visual appeal of Italian design, the flexibility and soft materials valued in French products, and the professional, clean-cut and durable style of German cooking utensils. The result? The Guzzini My Kitchen Collection: a complete set of tools that are not only simple, but that also enhance the human experience in the kitchen.

Through the effortless use of these tools, cooking becomes an easy way to create a sense of family, thus enhancing values cherished in the Italian culture. With an active kitchen, and the Guzzini tools readily available, our Milan studio is able to achieve this atmosphere in the office daily. Two favorite items are the spatula and tongs. What happens when space, people and food are harmoniously blended? Watch the video below to find out:

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