Why Watching Surgeons Work is Critical to Medical Device Design


Why Watching Surgeons Work is Critical to Medical Device Design

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August 4, 2014
by Christine HoranAllan Cameron

Continuum brought a team of engineers and surgeons into the operating room to observe doctors in action when designing an electrosurgical instrument for Medtronic.

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About the Author

  • Horan Christine
    Christine Horan
    Practice Lead, Principal

    Christine combines a passion for and curiosity about human behavior with technical expertise in product development. Working alongside colleagues during research and testing, Christine gains keen insight into the needs of end users that fuel technically innovative solutions.
    Since joining Continuum in 2005, Christine has worked on projects in the medical and consumer packaged goods industries. She’s used her experiences with CPGs to develop knowledge and tools to support clients in the development process from concept ideation to manufacturing and distribution.
    Christine received a BS in biomedical engineering with a concentration in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  • Cameron Allan
    Allan Cameron

    Allan is one of the most seasoned industrial design practitioners at Continuum, and at the heart of his work is his dedication to understanding the user experience. Allan leads teams to create products that express the integration of user needs and technology, while addressing the real world demands of manufacturing and development schedules.

    Allan’s deepest passion and focus lies in medical device development. He has worked on programs for the laboratory environment like the Siemens/Dade Behring Vista instrument and for POC devices like the cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip Daktari CD4 system, as well as many products for ER/OR settings and home healthcare. Some recent clients are Philips/Respironics(CPAP), Mindray(patient monitor), Avedro(cornea sculpting), Nomir(onychomycosis treatment),and Medtronic(electrosurgical knife).

    He has won extensive recognition for his work over the years, including IDEA , MDEA, and Spark Design awards. He holds over 25 patents.