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“Being a Particular Person in a Particular Body in a Particular Geographic Location… that Experience Is a Form of Empirical Data”

The Resonance Test 48: Catherine D’Ignazio

May 13, 2020
by Jen AshmanKen Gordon
catherine d'ignazio

In the two years since Catherine D’Ignazio last spoke with our Jen Ashman, she has co-authored a fascinating book called Data Feminism and started a new gig as an Assistant Professor of Urban Science and Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. This time, their dialogue touches on the global benefits of teaching data feminism—“a way of thinking about data, both their uses and their limits, that is informed by direct experience, by a commitment to action, and by intersectional feminist thought," write D'Ignazio and her co-author Lauren F. Klein—remotely. Listen and learn about how our interdependence might lead to co-liberation, edible pie charts, and the idea of situated knowledge. There are multiple sides to this delightfully intelligent conversation, which makes sense because, as D'Ignazio says: “Data can be many things. Data could be images. They could be stories. They could be responses to a question.” Stand by for a number of thoughtful questions and wise responses…

Host: Macy Donaway
Editor: Kip Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

The Resonance Test 48: Catherine D'Ignazio
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