WEAR Conference 2017: Smart Fabrics | Wearable Technology


What are the business, cultural, and technology trends that can help established brands evolve and flourish? How can companies transform themselves by understanding how sensing, human-focused interfaces, and dynamic ecosystems inspire innovation? In an effort to foster innovation, Fisher-Price partnered with Continuum to identify the key trends that will influence the future of parenting. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Fisher-Price and Continuum envisioned new experiences for future consumers, including toys that foster learning moments and babygear that empowers parents.

Date and time: June 14, 11:30 AM PT


Designing the Future of Parenting Through Connectivity and Wearable Products

Session Speakers: Kevin Young, SVP, Product Experience

Gary Weber, VP, Design, Fisher-Price

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young
    SVP, Product Experience

    Kevin is responsible for maintaining the health of and planning for the growth of Continuum’s product experience business. He also leads programs and project teams directly, working with clients to solve their most complex challenges.

    Since joining Continuum in 1997, he’s managed award-winning projects, including the MIT Media Lab’s One Laptop Per Child. He builds strong relationships with Continuum’s Fortune 100 clients, including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and American Express.

    Kevin graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a BID in industrial design. His product design successes have resulted in 14 design excellence awards and 18 U.S. patents.

  • WeberGary Headshot
    Gary Weber
    VP, Design, Fisher-Price

    Gary Weber is the Vice President of Design for the Fisher-Price baby businesses. He leads four creative teams, developing babygear, newborn and infant toys that make the lives of families easier, more fun and full of learning. Operating as part of a multi-discipline team, Gary drives the product strategy to meet or exceed financial targets and support the brand’s mission to help parents give their kids the best possible start.