Service Design Global Conference: The Implementation Dilemma

Date and time: October 2, 5:20 pm EST

Featuring: The Implementation Dilemma

Session Speakers: Jon Campbell, VP, Customer Experience & Innovation Capability, Continuum; Munib Karavdic, Director, Design & Innovation, AMP

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Insights are becoming commonplace among competitors as design thinking pervades business today and similar research methodologies are applied to similar business challenges. With industries shifting to incorporate design thinking practices and build internal innovation capabilities to drive growth, customer-centered ideas are becoming easier to find as well.

What continues to be uncommon is the large organization that can get these ideas out to the market in a repeatable and consistent way. Companies are built to be optimized and efficient making quick and inexpensive development of new ideas challenging to the operation. The winning companies will be those that can effectively evaluate ideas, select the right ones, and get them to market faster than the competition.

The single biggest challenge for these large organizations is not identifying customer needs or coming up with ideas, or hiring a Chief Innovation Officer, but rather the effective building and launching of new growth initiatives. This situation creates the Implementation Dilemma: should leaders take these ideas and apply their traditional way of delivering or should they create a new environment for new ideas delivery? The focus of this talk is on the second approach.

Within an established, core business there are a series of implementation enablers effective in driving incremental change but result in outcomes harmful to efficiently getting new customer-driven growth initiatives out to market in the right form.

That means the real work in innovation is on the back-end: making ideas real.

Munib and Jon will speak to how organizations can make the most impact by building their innovation capability with a focus on implementation, using the collaboration between AMP and Continuum as a case. Audiences will learn:
· How the competitive landscape is changing, with large organizations shifting to building internal design capabilities
· How to rigorously develop new ideas into prototypes and a portfolio of minimum viable offers (MVOs) that allow for speed-to-market, mitigate risk, protect the idea’s integrity, and convert to scale to drive results in the market
· A framework for building and running an innovation implementation engine

  • Campbell Jon
    Jon Campbell
    Head of Experience & Service Design

    Jon helps organizations become customer-centered and develop their internal capability for repeatedly creating, launching, and scaling new offerings and compelling customer experiences.

    Prior to EPAM Continuum, Jon served as Manager, Prospect Marketing, at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., overseeing lead generation, lead nurturing, and interactive programs focused on the acquisition of new customers and development of compelling customer journeys. He also spent time at ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, working on brand strategy, marketing communications, and new product development.

    Jon holds a master of design methods degree from Chicago’s Institute of Design (IIT) and a BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin.

  • Munib Karavdic
    Director, Design & Innovation, AMP

    Dr. Munib Karavdic is the Director of Design & Innovation at AMP Financial Services, Australia’s No. 1 retirement savings, life insurance, and financial advice corporation. He has been championing an innovation program at AMP that is underpinned by human-centred design as a key engine for organic growth. Apart from building human-centred design capabilities to transform AMP, his team is a key driver of building and introducing a portfolio of minimum viable offers (MVOs) based on customer insights. He is also a founder of the Innovation Centre and Implementation Centre which introduce a new way of working and delivering offers to the market. Prior to AMP, he worked as a growth strategy consultant in several Australian and overseas companies.

    Munib is also a Conjoint Professor in Creativity and Innovation at UNSW Business School. He holds a PhD in Marketing focusing on innovation in e-commerce.