Service Design Global Conference: Talent Pool

Date and time: October 7, 1:30 pm CET

Featuring: Talent Pool

Session Speakers: Sean Brennan, Principal Envisioner; Rose Manning, Envisioner

Welcome to Talent Pool. A game where a company’s product takes a back seat to how its employees feel. After all, a company benefits by designing a work experience that’s as attractive as its paychecks. A lab at the University of Warwick found that “happiness [makes] people around 12% more productive.”

Today, it’s not enough to focus solely on your customers. The best services are created and delivered by the best people–and those employees are changing. Millennials bring new expectations and new values to their jobs. They’re not just looking for money, they’re looking for meaning. (AND they might want to work from home on occasion)

Your team will represent the leadership of a company. Your task: build an employee experience that’s better than your competitors. Google may offer an on-site barber, but does that matter to the people you want to hire? You’ll find out.

Will you sink or swim? The Talent Pool will decide.

  • Sean Brennan
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    Rose Manning