Second Annual Design Thinking for Financial Institutions: Capitalizing on Design Thinking Methodologies to Create a Human-Centered Experience

Date and time: September 14, 10:45 am ET

Featuring: Experimentation, Iteration, and Failure in Financial Services: Building an organization’s innovation capability within a highly-regulated environment

Session Speaker: Toby Bottorf, VP Customer Experience & Service Design

Critical attributes of design thinking include exploration, serendipity, and a willingness to embrace trial and error––none of which are conducive to traditional processes and controls in financial services. Bringing a human-centered design approach that gets results inside large, complex organizations is incredibly hard.

Audiences who attend this talk will learn about:

-Defining a company’s risk appetite for applying design thinking
-Establishing design thinking through stakeholder engagement
-Developing an approach that enables experimentation while mitigating risk
-Piloting new products and services to improve real-world results

  • Bottorf Toby
    Toby Bottorf
    VP, Service and Experience Design

    Toby joined Continuum to establish a digital design capability, and is now a VP in service design, leading teams to design solutions for complex human and technical systems. His work builds on a career in UX and interface design.

    Recent work includes Audi on demand, a premium mobility service; the design of a client communications tool for a financial services company; and the strategy and experience design of a digital coaching platform for a leading American health insurer.

    Toby holds a master’s degree in communications design from the Institute of Design (IIT) and a BA in art from Yale University.