Generation Z—Unlabeled Generation: a NXT Talks Event

Date and time: March 12, 7:00 pm CET

Featuring: Generation Z—Unlabeled Generation

Session Speakers: Chicco Ferretti, Alessandra Canella, Pietro Chiera, Continuum Milan; Roberto Corbellini, LEGO; Pu Hui, Carla Mauri, Giulia Begal, Politecnico di Milano.

  • ferretti federico
    Federico Ferretti
    Managing Director, Continuum Milan

    Chicco is happiest where intuition, business, and technology intersect. He believes that the best design dissolves into behaviors and that questions are often longer-lasting than answers.

    He plays a key role in leading tactical and strategic innovation programs in Europe and Asia, wrapping business scenarios around people's desires and dreams. Chicco’s passion lies in converging creative thinking and business logic, motivating and organizing clients, and for developing methodologies and tools to guarantee an innovative approach to problem solving.
    Prior to re-joining Continuum, Federico co-founded uno: uno Designers studio and was associate creative director at frog.

  • Alessandra Canella
    Design Strategist
  • chiera pietro
    Pietro Chiera
    Product Designer

    Pietro brings an inquisitive attitude that, together with his innate empathic-relational nature and his passion for product design, helps him create a strong bond with the diverse people, topics, and insights that every project brings.
    With strong competencies to support the strategic and executional steps of a project, he has supported domestic and global brands facing diverse challenges during his tenure at Continuum.
    Pietro speaks fluent Italian, English, Swedish, and Spanish and believes that meaningful insights can emerge from the intersections of language and culture.
    Pietro holds a degree in industrial design from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.