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MedTechWorld BIOMEDevice: an MD&M Event

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As the line between consumer products and regulated medical devices blurs, a new category—ConsumerMed—is invading the market, while we’re still in the formative stages of the IoT era. Companies are trying to understand how to make healthcare connectivity meaningful for consumers. Doing so will overcome the common barriers to user adoption of connected products.

Date and time: April 14, 2016, 10:00 am - 4:00pm EST


Design for Engagement: How to Embrace Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes

Session Speaker: Kevin Young, SVP, Product Experience

Session time: 10:00am

Conference Chair: Mike Dunkley, SVP, Medical

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young
    Head of Product Experience

    Kevin is responsible for maintaining the health of and planning for the growth of EPAM Continuum’s Product Experience business. He also leads programs and project teams directly, working with clients to solve their most complex challenges.

    Kevin is deeply invested in connected consumer health. His work brings together the necessity of strong healthcare products, effectiveness of good design, and the coming ubiquity of the Internet of Things.

    Kevin graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a BID in industrial design. His product design successes have resulted in 14 design excellence awards and 18 U.S. patents.

  • Dunkley_Mike
    Mike Dunkley
    Head of Healthcare

    Mike leads EPAM Continuum’s medical devices business and is inspired by the opportunity to deliver better healthcare experiences. He’s passionate about understanding client needs and translating them into successful collaborations.

    Mike joined EPAM Continuum in May of 2012. He has worked in commercial, project management, and technical roles on numerous multi-disciplinary projects within the medical, consumer, and energy sectors. His experience spans initial project orientation through to product commercialization.

    Previously, Mike held various upper-management roles at Cambridge Consultants and worked as VP of Engineering at Cambridge-based start-up Pronutria. He earned a BA and Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Cambridge, U.K.